A Place to Get

Your Wiggles Out!

Wiggle Worms Indoor Playground & Developmental Tutoring was created to serve the community of Bartow County. We have an Indoor Playground unlike any other within the county, offering children physical play year-round. Our Indoor Playground and climate control allow us to operate and provide services despite the weather outside; we can play in the blistering summer heat or the bitter winter cold.

Our playground was custom designed with age in mind to ensure we encompassed appropriate play for childhood developmental stages. Our equipment is made of anti-microbial materials and we do not use small toys or balls to prevent hand-to-mouth germ exposure. We have also taken additional sanitation measures to ensure germ reduction by fogging the center weekly, providing hand sanitizing stations, anti-bacterial soap, and providing thermal wristbands at check-in. We utilize a COVID-19 policy/protocol in the event of a suspected or confirmed infection (our thermal wristband system allows us to contact individuals who may have been exposed) and we maintain small group counts in our Tutoring Program. Our operating system ensures that our capacity is never over fifty between the two programs, so we have 4,500 square ft. to allow your children to play freely without worry.

We offer a wide array of services and events to serve our community such as hosting birthday parties, private events, crafts/activities, summer camps, homeschool activities, and parent’s night out. We also give back to the community by providing free admission for children in Foster Care on their birthday (and a free snack and beverage), we provide tuition and supplies for one low-income family, and we donate and partner with several other charitable organizations.

Our Developmental and Supplemental Tutoring Programs came about as a means to address our community’s educational needs in response to the impact caused by the COVID-19 Pandemic. Our Tutoring services are designed to supplement the education that a parent or school provides and aids in mimicking a traditional school environment. We strive to instill Christian values and teach children that Jesus is our Savior and that through him grace is found. We help children learn how to respect each other and themselves and we reinforce God’s love for all.

As more parents have made the decision to Homeschool, we have determined that we want to be part of that journey and help families continue to connect their children socially. Our Developmental Tutoring Program offers children lessons directly from an accredited Christian Homeschool Academy. We provide academic lessons, Bible Study, activities, and daily physical play to help ensure a well-rounded supplement to what a child receives at home.

We also offer children the ability to maintain virtual and hybrid connections with their public school and educators while in a safe and supervised environment. We are here to provide supplemental tutoring as needed and can step-in and assist if your child(ren) get off track or task during studies.

Most of all we want your children to build their faith in God, learn and have fun. We want them to grow, discover new friendships and make memories. We want Wiggle Worms to be a childhood imprint that they never forget!